Typhoon Doksuri Threatens the Philippines and China

A powerful typhoon Doksuri is barreling across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, gaining strength and now classified as a super typhoon. This menacing weather system poses a significant threat to the Philippines, with its sights set on the northern part of the country. Forecasters are closely monitoring its trajectory, and there are fears that it will later make its presence felt on the mainland of China.

Super Typhoon Doksuri Status and Potential Impact

Doksuri has reached super typhoon status, boasting fierce winds whipping at speeds of approximately 150 mph (240 kph). To put it in perspective, this level of intensity aligns with a category 4 Atlantic Hurricane, signifying a formidable force of nature. As the storm progresses at a rate of 9 mph (15 kph) on a north-northwest trajectory, the Philippines braces itself for a potential direct hit within the next 24 hours.

Impending Danger for the Philippines

The Babuyan Islands and northern Luzon, the largest and most populous island in the Philippines, are squarely in Doksuri’s path. The country’s weather bureau has sounded the alarm, issuing warnings of substantial rainfall, particularly in these regions. With such relentless downpours, the possibility of flooding and rain-induced landslides looms large, posing grave risks to lives and property.

High Storm Surge Threat

Aside from the heavy rainfall and powerful winds, there’s an ominous threat of high storm surges. These menacing waves, with heights potentially exceeding 10 feet, have the potential to wreak havoc along coastal areas. The combination of winds, rainfall, and storm surges paints a concerning picture for the residents of the affected regions.

Unsettling Uncertainty in Doksuri’s Path

The typhoon’s future trajectory remains uncertain, with meteorologists and the Hong Kong Observatory closely monitoring its behavior. The storm is expected to pass close to Taiwan’s eastern side, where heavy rainfall is anticipated, before venturing towards Hong Kong and eventually making landfall in southern China later in the week. The observatory has warned of several possible routes that Doksuri could take, dependent on factors like atmospheric pressure and monsoon troughs.

Preparations and Evacuations

In anticipation of Doksuri’s wrath, communities in its path are taking precautionary measures. Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has ordered the suspension of all public school classes and closure of government offices in the capital region. However, essential services will continue their operations. These actions were also partly influenced by a 3-day transport workers’ strike.

Authorities in the Philippines are urging residents in highly susceptible areas to heed evacuation orders and follow instructions from local officials. Preparedness and early action can make a significant difference in minimizing potential casualties and damage.

Hong Kong’s Vigilance

Meanwhile, Hong Kong is closely monitoring the typhoon’s progress, urging the public to stay informed through weather announcements. The city is already recovering from the recent impact of Typhoon Talim, which prompted school and stock market closures. The Observatory is cautioning residents about high heat and thunderstorms ahead of Doksuri’s arrival.

Taiwan’s Vulnerability

Taiwan, too, is under Doksuri’s watch, with strong wind advisories issued for the southern areas. It is particularly the coastlines of Taitung and Pingtung counties. As the typhoon continues its approach, these warnings are expected to strengthen due to the risks of heavy rainfall, landslides, high winds, and storm surges.


As Super Typhoon Doksuri advances menacingly towards the Philippines and eventually mainland China, the affected regions are on high alert. The potential for severe impacts, such as torrential rainfall, devastating winds, and dangerous storm surges. It necessitates careful preparation and adherence to official guidelines. With communities and authorities on high alert, they hope to mitigate the potential destruction and protect the lives and livelihoods of those in Doksuri’s path.