Foreign Minister of China Abruptly Replaced

Foreign Minister

China’s Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, was unexpectedly replaced by his predecessor Wang Yi following a sudden leadership shake-up. Qin’s entire six-month tenure as foreign minister. It is including his meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Beijing. It was erased from the records. His disappearance from public view in June had already sparked … Read more

Doksuri Devastates the Philippines with Flooding


Typhoon Doksuri, additionally called Egay withinside the Philippines, has wreaked havoc withinside the country, causing widespread flooding and landslides that have claimed the lives of at least five people.   The storm, though weakened from its super typhoon status, has left a trail of destruction across five regions, triggering more than a dozen rain-induced landslides. Authorities … Read more

Rekindling Dialogue: Between China and the US

Rekindling Dialogue

High-ranking American officials recently embarked on visits to Beijing in an attempt to stabilize the increasingly strained relationship and rekindling dialogue between the United States and China. The past year witnessed a downturn in bilateral relations, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, conflicts over trade, technology, and human rights, and a breakdown in communication. However, significant … Read more