Shocking Video Emerges of Sexual Assault Amid Ethnic Violence

A shocking video has surfaced on social media, capturing a disturbing incident of sexual assault in Manipur, India. The video shows two terrified women being forced to walk naked in a crowd of clothed men amid ongoing ethnic violence in the state. This incident has sparked nationwide outrage, leading even Prime Minister Narendra Modi to break his silence on the matter. The video has prompted arrests and investigations by the police, with authorities interrogating multiple suspects.

The Emergence of the Disturbing Video:

The graphic video, which the Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) confirmed took place on May 4, came to the attention of the authorities and the public only after it went viral this week. Manipur Police swiftly responded, describing the incident on Twitter as a “case of abduction, gang rape, and murder.” Subsequently, four people have been arrest, and police raids are still ongoing. More than three dozen men are being interrogate in connection with the appalling sexual assault depicted in the video.

The Horrific Content of the Video:

The shocking video, witnessed by CNN, portrays two women in distress, surrounded by a mob of men, some wielding weapons like long canes and sticks. The victims are seen being groped and sexually assault as they are forced to walk naked through the crowd.

Modi’s Response and Parliament Outcry:

He condemned the shameful act and assured that the perpetrators would face the full force of the law. However, the response was met with criticism from opposition MPs, leading to the adjournment of the Upper House of Parliament due to the refusal to discuss the issue of Manipur.

Tribal Leaders’ Forum:

The ITLF issued a statement revealing that the appalling incident took place in B. Phainom village, Kangpokpi district, where a Meitei mob force two Kuki-Zo tribal women to be gang-raped. The statement described the women’s pleas and cries for help amid the constant molestation by the men.

Ethnic Violence in Manipur:

The state of Manipur has been grappling with violence, particularly between the Kuki tribe and the Meitei ethnic community. The conflict escalated when thousands of Kuki students staged a rally against the Meitei’s petition for special tribal status. The clashes led to over 100 deaths and the displacement of tens of thousands of people.

Opposition’s Criticism and Chief Minister’s Response:

The opposition Congress party strongly criticized Modi’s handling of the situation, accusing the government of promoting mobocracy and damaging the state’s social fabric. In response, the chief minister of Manipur, N. Biren Singh, assured that swift action was take, leading to the arrest of suspects. He emphasize that there is no place for such heinous acts in society and that a thorough investigation would be conduct.

Indian Government’s Social Media Order:

The Indian government issued an order to social media platforms, including Twitter, instructing them not to share the viral video. This move is in compliance with Indian laws, as the matter is currently under investigation.

The emergence of the shocking video depicting sexual assault in Manipur has ignited national outrage and prompted swift action from law enforcement. Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the incident, and the authorities have made arrests while investigations continue. The incident highlights the deep-seated ethnic tensions in Manipur, and the country’s leaders are call upon to address the issue and seek a resolution to prevent further violence.