Remaining Navajo Cares Act Money could go to Navajo owned-businesses

Shiprock Council Delegate, Eugenia Charles-Newton wrote on Facebook that remaining Cares Act funds could go to Navajo owned-companies.

Newton slammed Navajo President Jonathan Nez stating the Cares Act money should go to all the citizens.

Read her statements:

CARES HARDSHIP UPDATE: Legislation 0274-20 will be debated tomorrow (Tuesday, November 10, 2020) at Special Council. You can download the legislation at IF this legislation passes, Division of Economic Development (DED) will give an average of $20,949,465.30 to 216 businesses and Navajo Enterprises.This will mean LESS money in the HARDSHIP pot.The President and some Delegates want this money to go to businesses.I WILL VOTE RED on this legislation for the following reasons:1. I want the Navajo people to have this money. I saw the lines at the Chapter House; I saw elders standing in the cold to get an application; I received word from a soldier who said he is struggling in a different country. The ACTIONS of the People have spoken volumes. I cannot ignore this.2. CJY-67-20 was signed on August 16, 2020 and gave $60,000,000 to DED but the money was not spent. That was 5 months given to DED and the Navajo people were only given 30 days to apply for Hardship money. Is that fair?3. Businesses like Denny’s could have applied for the Payroll Protection Program, through the federal government.4. There is NO Economic Plan in place. The President’s plan is to use CARES money to save businesses on the Navajo Nation. I am for saving Navajo businesses but the President should have had a plan in place. Wasn’t that one if his platforms when he was campaigning? If he wants businesses to thrive during the pandemic, allow them to stay open and encourage people to wear their masks and stay safe. All businesses around us are open and our Navajo people are flocking to these businesses. Bottomline is the President needs to lead our Nation and help our people!PLEASE, PLEASE read the legislation and make your voice heard.

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