Artour Arteezy Babaev: From Dota 2 Pro Players to Blink

Artour Arteezy Babaev: From Dota 2 Pro Players to Blink

Dota 2 players, like Evil Geniuses’ Artour Arteezy Babaev, thrill to get their well-deserved break after The International 2022 (TI11). As a way to start his offseason, Arteezy picked a unique and musical escape: he went to a concert with his girlfriend, Zhang “Dove” Tiange. Artour Arteezy Babaev: Blackpink’s Born Pink World Tour: A Night … Read more

Valorant Players: How Many GB Are There?

Valorant Players: How Many GB Are There?

Hello, Valorant players! When you get tired of League of Legends and can’t think of anything else to play, Riot Games has your back. Here comes Valorant, a game that might be different from LoL but looks like it will be fun and new. We’ll look into Valorant’s world, from how it’s like League to … Read more

Singapore Expensive Car Ownership System

Singapore expensive car

Singapore expensive car. In Indonesia, having around a dozen million Indonesian Rupiah as a down payment is usually enough to buy a car. However, in Singapore, residents first need to obtain a Certificate of Entitlement (COE), which is incredibly expensive and valid for only ten years. COE Costs and Car Prices The cost of the … Read more

Chinese Navy Hospital Ship Successfully Wraps Up Humanitarian Endeavor

chinese navy hospital

In a heartening display of international cooperation and medical aid, the Chinese Navy hospital ship, the “Peace Ark,” triumphantly concluded its humanitarian mission on September 19, local time. The ship docked at a port in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, located in eastern China, after accomplishing a goodwill visit and delivering essential medical aid to Kiribati, Tonga, … Read more

Brazil Floods: A Devastating Natural Disaster


Brazil is grappling with a devastating natural disaster as floods continue to wreak havoc, causing loss of life, widespread damage, and testing the resilience of communities and emergency response teams. Rising Death Toll The floods have tragically led to a rising death toll as communities battle rising waters, mudslides, and the aftermath of torrential rains. … Read more

Dagestan: Gas Station Explosion Claims Lives


A devastating explosion at a gas station in Dagestan, Russia’s southern republic, has resulted in a significant loss of life and left many injured. The tragic incident occurred at a car repair shop and quickly spread to the adjacent fuel station, leading to a catastrophic outcome. Loss of Lives and Injuries: A Devastating Toll The … Read more

Vincenzo La Porta Was Captured in Greece


One of Italy’s most wanted fugitives, Vincenzo La Porta, was apprehended in Greece owing to a picture that accidentally revealed his whereabouts. The 60-year-old La Porta is suspected of having strong links to Naples’s infamous Camorra criminal syndicate. He remained at large for 11 years when a picture of him cheering on a Greek football … Read more

North Korea Confirms US Soldier’s Presence

North Korea

In a rare move, North Korea has officially confirmed that US Army Pvt. Travis King entered its place. The announcement from the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) indicated that King had expressed his preference to are searching for safe haven in North Korea or a 3rd country. He reportedly cited reasons such as ill treatment … Read more