Protest Border Town Alcohol Sales, not Hemp

The dispute between the Navajo Nation Department of Justice and Hemp Farmer Dineh Benally is creating community members to take the streets. 

For years, Benally grew hemp but no one said or brought anything up until now. As you pass Shiprock, N.M. s a small town in Northern New Mexico and head towards Farmington you can see the hemp farm from the road.

As you head more east into Hogback, Kirtland and Farmington you have Speedway gas stations who sell hundred thousands worth of alcohol sales to people from the Navajo Nation. No one protest’s them? 

In my opinion, Alcohol kills and harms more Navajos than any other drug or liquid substance, next to meth which is another growing problem on the Navajo Nation. 

In Waterflow, you have Zia Alcohol sales which is littered with trash and broken beer bottles near the Navajo Nation and no one every protested them. 

It’s time the Navajo government to look at the bigger problems we all face. The hemp industry is new and will likely be settled in court. But its hypercritical to allow Tribal enterprises like (NAPI) to grow hemp, but not allow a Navajo entrepreneur. 

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