Phoenix, Tempe Booms Arizona Economy

Phoenix and Tempe, the home of Arizona State University, there are skyscrapers over light rail and a taste of the urbanist dream and it’s booming, according to the New York Times.

Tempe has seen more economic activity than any other area in the valley. Skyscrapers are going up, a lot of development and with the lightrail, it makes it easier.

A lot of U.S. cities can learn from Tempe on economic development and see that there is opportunity and it can be done. Real Estate Development, Housing is also another opportunity to look out for as new homes are being built all over the valley.

Arizona is a friendly place for business, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe seem to be more attractive for startups, tech companies manufacturing to plant their foot and hire people.

Tempe was named top 100 places to live by livability. Tempe has a younger vibe feel, for anyone looking for a cool place to chill this is it. You can beat the hot sun, and cool places to shop.

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