Opinion: Do we need Martial Law

The definition of Martial Law: military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law.

The Navajo Nation COVID-19 outbreak has spiked to an alarming rate to 26 confirmed cases on the Navajo Nation and will continue to grow. The Navajo is not outfitted to handle a viral outbreak with such a small population of people, Native Americans are more at risk.

According to The Guardian, After the 2010 Haitian earthquake, we saw the US military in action as a humanitarian force. They can do this to contain the COVID-19.

Implementing Martial Law would stop commerce interaction activity. No one can leave their home. We need to escalate the process of slowing down this COVID-19 outbreak. Too many people are not abiding by government and state stay at home order’s.

Too many people are still out shopping for toilet paper and unnecessary stuff that is spreading the COVID-19 virus. Violating the orders that are meant to slow the COVID-19.

Implementing Martial Law is possible should and if this escalates to maintain law and order.

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