NM Chapter’s get $14.7M for projects

Nation’s leaders work together to secure 

$14.7 million in Capital Outlay Funds in New Mexico

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer thank the New Mexico State Legislature and Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for their support of infrastructure funding through H.B. 349, which secured over $14.7 million in Capital Outlay Funds for Navajo chapters located in the state of New Mexico. The bill funds more than $422 million for projects throughout the entire state. 

In late February, the legislature approved $532 million overall, which included $25 million for the Navajo Nation. However, these amounts were reduced by Gov. Lujan Grisham’s veto actions due to recent declines in the stock market, which created uncertainties over the state’s revenue projections. In a letter to New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf, Jr. on March 11, Gov. Lujan Grisham wrote, “at this time of global economic uncertainty, it has become necessary and fiscally prudent to veto some projects that otherwise have merit, particularly those funded from general fund monies that would otherwise be available to bolster reserves.” 

“On behalf of our communities in the state of New Mexico, I extend my appreciation and gratitude to Gov. Lujan Grisham and the members of the New Mexico State Legislature for supporting these much-needed infrastructure development projects,” said President Nez. “We understand the concerns raised over revenue projections due to the stock market. For our Nation, we have similar concerns. I also thank Speaker Seth Damon and the members of the 24th Navajo Nation Council for their advocacy and support to secure funding for our Navajo communities.”

Throughout the New Mexico State Legislature’s 30-day session, President Nez, Vice President Lizer, and the 24thNavajo Nation Council met with legislators and Gov. Lujan Grisham on several occasions to advocate for the approval of Capital Outlay Funds.

“This is another great achievement for our Navajo people. As we move forward, it’s very important that the chapters that received funds this year and in previous years continue to work closely with the Division of Community Development and the state to complete projects and to report on the status of ongoing projects,” stated Vice President Lizer. 

The $14.7 million project listing for the Navajo Nation includes the following:

Tohajiilee Powerline Extension$150,000
Ramah Chapter EMS Substation$55,000
Bááháálí Sewage Lagoon Improvements$100,000
Bááháálí/Chichiltah Rgnl. Trans. Station$75,000
Baca/Prewitt Powerline Extension$100,000
Bahastl’a’a’ Waterline Extension/Repair$175,000
Chichiltah-Vanderwagon Comm. Water Sys.$660,000
Coyote Canyon Beacon-Bisti-N9 Water Proj.$300,000
Manuelito Chapter Powerline/House Wiring$100,000
Mexican Springs Rgnl. San Juan Water Project$779,000
Regional Water System Scada McKinley Cty.$700,000
Smith Lake Water System Improvement$200,000
Tsé Si áni Beacon-Bisti-N9 Water Proj.$275,000
Tsé Si áni Powerline Ext. McKinley Cty.$567,000
Tsé Si áni Chapter Waterline Extensions$50,000
Navajo Nation Broadband Project E-911$3,000,000
Ojo Encino Chapter Eagle Spring Powerline$141,800
White Rock Chapter Beacon Bisti Water Proj.$550,000
Beclabito Chapter Helipad$150,000
Huerfano Chap. Bathroom Addition/Waterline$50,000
Lake Valley Yellow Point Rock Powerline$25,000
Lake Valley Yellow Point Rock Waterline$500,000
Naschitti Chapter Powerline Construction$300,000
Naschitti Chap. Rgnl San Juan Water Proj.$599,000
Navajo Prep School Hogan Renovation$50,000
Nenahnezad Chapter Underground Pipelines$69,000
Sheepsprings Scattered Waterline Ext.$200,000
Shiprock Emergency Response Command Ctr.$3,000,000
Shiprock Chapter Water/Wastewater Lines$275,000
Tsé ałnáoz’t’I’í Chap. San Juan Water Proj.$500,000
Tse’Daa’Kaan Chapter Waterline Ext.$150,000
Two Grey Hills Chap. San Juan Water Proj.$100,000
Upper Fruitland Chap. House Renovation$160,000
Counselor Chap. Lybrook Water Sys. Improve.$687,200
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