Navajo Nation needs to make changes to the way they operate

The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake up call for everyone.

Sometimes humanity needs that wake up call, a time of reflection, a time to identify what needs to be fix. I realized that, our Navajo Nation government operates old school.

What do I mean? Well, not having the ability to serve the people during a global pandemic. Navajo Nation has never had a protocol in place.

Continuity of government. Transparent process. That when and if and now should a crisis occur, how will we adapt to this.

Worst case scenario, China Attacks the United States, how will the Navajo Nation operate in a War or even another global pandemic. How will the Nation Care for it’s citizen. Especially children and elders.

How will the Navajo Nation Council operate and pass legislation. These things should come to mind when crafting continuity of government.

The process needs to be transparent. Clear, so the people can agree and know there’s a plan in place.

And even scarier situation is what if the entire Navajo Nation government, Executive and Legislative branch officials are bombed in a World War, who then serves as the government? Is there a citizens government to rebuild the Navajo government.

These are very scary situations, but who thought in 2020 we would be facing a global pandemic.

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