Letter to the Editor: Navajo Nation Suing it’s own citizen, is the State of Socialism

By a Navajo Nation, who expresses Free Enterprise and Freedom under the laws of the United States. I have a right to remain anonymous too.

In an age of the corona virus it’s bringing in some really weird times.

In North Korea, everything its state owned and operated, meaning the fearless leader Kim Jong Un is brand before the eyes of it’s people Through N. Korean TV, companies, brands all owned by the government.

Outside companies are not welcomed.

Free enterprise doesn’t exist. State owned media reports good news of its leaders. Anyone or anything challenging the government owned enterprises are either killed or brought down.

Everything is run and owned by a state government is pure socialism.

Free food, free cellular service. Free stuff and you all will be ok. Meanwhile, their people are suffering in poverty. No running water, electricity, enterprises getting pumped with unlimited cash to sustain itself.

Dineh Benally, an entrepreneur, with political ambitions is being sued by Navajo Nation Department of Justice for growing, producing, manufacturing, transporting, licensing, hemp on the Navajo Nation.

According to a NNDOJ press release, ”The Nation has received numerous complaints, tips, and warnings about these illegal activities happening on Navajo lands,” stated Attorney General Doreen McPaul. “It is unfortunate that in the middle of a global pandemic that has claimed too many of our relatives that the Nation is forced to take this action against one of our own, who seeks to enrich himself in blatant disregard for the laws of the Nation.”

Benally created a brand line call Navajo gold. Now in the world of entrepreneurship, ideas run wild and taking unpresented steps are required.

Outside of the Navajo Nation, for example in Colorado- startup companies like Benally are fine and thriving, bringing in billions of dollars into the state of Colorado.

Navajo Nation aren’t quite ready to, however they gave permission to NAPI, a tribally owned enterprise to do the exact same thing Benally is doing.

Now we are not making the case the Navajo Nation is like North Korea, but this is the reason the Navajo Nation is having a hard time inspiring entrepreneurs to start a business on the reservation.


This doesn’t stem into the Navajo Nation, it’s the laws created under the terms and conditions of the Navajo Nation itself. BIA.

Navajo Nation Department of Justice should go after all the real drug dealers on their reservation.

They cant even clean up the drug meth problem in their own backyard. Meanwhile local gangster hustle and bustle their way destroying our communities.

The Navajo Nation Government is a mess if it’s own and only self serves itself with federal funds while all the people are in poverty and live in shack houses.

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