Kirtland Gas Station Employee Diagnosed with COVID-19, says Speedway


Online rumors have been circulating of Kirtland Speedway gas station employees with COVID-19 have sparked the newly rebrand gas station chain from Giants to Speedway to release a statement in regards to an employee having the coronavirus. 

Read entire statement release to the Navajo Post. 

A Speedway employee who last worked at our 4220 Highway 64 location in Kirtland, NM on 4/18/2020 has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We take the health of our employees and customers very seriously. We have extensive policies in place to not only prevent the spread of illness, but also to take necessary action when an illness has been reported. Speedway collaborated with the local health department and followed the health department’s recommended guidelines regarding notifying and quarantining affected employees from the workplace and thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the store for the safety of our employees and customers. We are closely monitoring the health of all employees at the location, including the employee who was diagnosed and is currently at home.

Ongoing prevention measures include thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the store using an EPA-certified cleaner and disinfectant hourly, focusing on personal hygiene (hand washing and sanitizing), social distancing, reduced hours, and plexiglass barriers at our registers. In some locations, the authorities have mandated the use of facial coverings.  Also, following the change in guidance from the CDC, employees can now wear cloth, non-surgical masks while on duty in locations where they are not mandated.

Speedway continues to take all measures necessary to ensure the well-being of our employees, customers and business partners. Employees who are sick must stay home, and any employee showing symptoms at work is sent home. 

Thank you,

Christian Holfinger

Public Information Officer

Speedway LLC

Email receive from Speedway 5/15/2020

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