Editorial: Navajo Nation, are trying to pull ourselves out of poverty

This is Peter MacDonald, former Chairman Navajo Nation Council. I wish to comment on NTEC as well as other “tribal” ventures within the past 25 years. Forest, Navajo is a Nation (more than a state) have its own laws and sovereignty unlike states of America. Our special relationship with USA is by Treaty. You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand that if you want something that I have, you pay for it. Treaty took 2/3 of our landbase and natural resources and in return USA promised us a of things (education, good health care, and help us become self-sufficient, etc.). We remain a nation, no more wars with USA. This happened over 150 years ago. Much of the promises we never saw nor adequately provided, but they exploited and used the land and resources we gave, in return we didn’t and haven’t receive most of promises made. Now, in 21st century, we, Navajo nation, are trying to pull ourselves out of poverty and destitute of social and health illnesses of every sort using the meager funds we have in our treasury. These are hard earn monies gained through hard fights all the way to US Supreme Court. We need to be very cautious as to how and for what purposes these funds are used. We cannot splurge or use it to borrow millions against those funds and get our Navajo Nation in debt like USA; several trillion dollars in DEBT and not knowing how to get out of it, except to cut programs. USA have million more resources than Navajo so we need to be very cautious.

Peter MacDonald.

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