Construction on Main Street will impact Businesses for years to come

Foot traffic in the Farmington downtown shopping district is feeling the impact of the controversial road construction that is set to end until fall 2020.

This construction project will make or break all of the locally owned and operated businesses, that makes this project even more complicated as it moves on and it will get worst.

The retail sector in the United States heavily relies on foot traffic, People who enter the locally owned and operated stores to buy products.

In turn, those businesses rely on sales. Every business then uses that revenue to cover overhead like rent, paying their staff, just the basic general expenses that no one every thinks about.

I believe, the biggest impact will be lost of jobs and lost of revenue- which will close more businesses in the Farmington downtown area. Commercial Real Estate will also feel the impact, as they will lose tenants.


The shop owners downtown hire local. Some of them have been there for a long time. The impact will be catastrophic long term. Majority of the retail stores are employed buy community members who live in San Juan County.

Farmington is uniquely located by the largest Native American tribe in the United States. The Navajo Nation. I believe if it weren’t for the Navajo consumers who spend Billions of dollars every year in the border towns, these towns would be feeling more of the economic impact.

So I encourage all of our readers, if your coming to Farmington, please take some time to spend some of your dollars in these downtown shops. Eat some of their delicious food, buy some of these products.

The road construction itself are mainly updates. Roundabouts that are being put in. Pot holes are being filled, but economically long term, this could should down majority of the stores.

This will continue to be a double bladed sword of pro’s and con’s. To be continued.

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