When a News Outlet Becomes the Story

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A newspaper delivery man/reporter with the Navajo Times was arrested for DWI on Interstate 40.


The Navajo Times reported that Terry Bowman, 26, rear-ended an expecting mother’s vehicle on the highway with a company vehicle.


Prior to the accident, one motorist observed Bowman driving recklessly at a high speed and called 911. The witness also said that he cut another vehicle by maneuvering to the shoulder of the road.


When the dispatcher notified officers, units were instantly sent out to neutralize the situation.


The officers, however, did not get to Bowman on time and encountered an accident close to Exit 47 on the west-side lane. An ambulance was already on the scene aiding the expecting mother.


At the scene, officers suspected that Bowman was intoxicated. Per the police report, he approached the officers with bloodshot eyes and also reeked of alcohol. Bowman claimed he was hit by the other driver, not the other way around. The officers ended up arresting Bowman for DWI and for his own safety as he began walking into oncoming traffic.


Bowman denied being intoxicated and claimed he only consumed two cans of beer. He demanded a breathalyzer test and failed. The test revealed that he was driving while intoxicated with roughly 300% more than the legal limit.


The Navajo Times has taken disciplinary action against Bowman by placing him on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.


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