Vote No on Prop 127


Learn about the disastrous consequences of Prop 127.


The energy industry is the heart of the Navajo Nation. It provides hundreds of jobs, supports families and gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to programs and services on the Navajo Nation. The industry’s impact on Native Americans also goes far beyond dollars. As a leading job creator, the industry provides dignity, hope and a sense of self-worth. It is the lifeblood of the Navajo Nation.

Don’t destroy a way of life for thousands of people. Vote No on Prop 127!
#VoteNoProp127 #SaveNativeAmericanFamilies #SaveNativeAmericanJobs #HeartofNavajoNation



Before you vote on Prop 127, consider the facts:
1. Proposition 127 will force an early closure of the Navajo Mine and the Four Corners Power Plant (by 2025).
2. The quantifiable negative economic impact of the closures will be well over $2 billion to the Navajo Nation and its people.
3. 350+ salaried and hourly employees, 85% of whom are Navajo, will lose their jobs at the Navajo Mine.
4. 400+ employees, 80% of whom are Navajo, will lose their jobs at the Four Corners Power Plant.
5. $250+ million contributed to the economy by the industry each year will be lost.
6. Arizona electric bills will go up substantially.

What good are renewable energy mandates if they come at such a crippling cost to Native American families. There has to be a better way Arizona! Vote no on Prop 127.

#SaveNativeAmericanJobs #SaveNativeAmericanFamilies #VoteNoProp127


San Francisco billionaire hedge fund manager and liberal activist Tom Steyer’s Super PAC NextGen Climate Action has taken actions to increase renewable energy in Arizona, financing the campaign behind Proposition 127. The ballot initiative would change the Arizona Constitution, requiring utility companies to generate or acquire 50% of their electrical power from renewable resources by 2030 to put them on par with neighboring California. In 2010, Steyer, donated more than $5 million to push the same proposition in California leading to Californians paying more than 60% higher for electricity than the rest of the country. Steyer himself built his multi-billion-dollar fortune by investing in and promoting the coal industry.
In addition to rising energy costs in Arizona, Prop 127 will also directly lead to the loss of thousands of jobs and millions in lost wages, as well as the Navajo Nation losing over $40 million a year in royalties and taxes.


The state of Arizona currently has renewable energy standards in place requiring electric utilities to generate 15% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025. The Navajo Nation is actively working to promote and develop renewable energy with the recent opening of the Kayenta Solar Facility – a two-phased project that provides over 55 megawatts of solar energy.

To be clear, the Navajo Nation supports renewable energy. But Prop 127 will do more harm than good. There has to be a better way for all Arizonans!

The out-of-state billionaire behind Prop 127 won’t have to live with the consequences, Arizonans will. Learn more at

#VoteNoProp127 #SaveNativeAmericanJobs #SaveNativeAmericanFamilies


The love of a family is one of life’s most precious treasures.
It has the power to build us up. Or tear us down.
So, when it comes to adding an amendment to Arizona’s constitution, why would we consider a proposition that would damage any family?

If Prop 127 passes, it will hurt many Arizona families. From those who won’t be able to afford the higher energy bills to those who will lose their jobs in the energy industry.

Help protect Arizona’s families. Vote NO on Prop 127!

#ProtectArizonaFamilies #VoteNoProp127 #SaveNativeAmericanFamilies #SaveNativeAmericanJobs


This November, there are nearly 1,000 Native American jobs at risk. More than $145 million in job wages on the table. These are staggering numbers. If Proposition 127 passes, these jobs and these wages will be lost.

How would you vote if your job was on the line?

Please join us in voting NO on Prop 127.

#SaveNativeAmericanJobs #VoteNoProp127 #SaveNativeAmericanFamilies #HeartofNavajoNation


Today, November 6th, is the last day to Vote in the 2018 General Election. Prop 127 will have a negative impact on the Navajo Nation economy of over $2 billion in lost revenue, Navajo wages, contracts and taxes if the Navajo Mine and Four Corners Power Plant were to close by 2025. For more information on Prop 127, visit

Vote NO on Prop 127!

#VoteNoProp127 #SaveNativeAmericanJobs

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