U.S. Department of Justice Rules in Favor of Ex-Winslow Officer

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As tensions between police and citizens continue to heat up across the country, one incident hit close to home in Navajo Nation.

According to 12 News, a shoplifting suspect, Loreal Tsingine, was shot and killed by a police officer in March 2016.

The officer on duty claimed self-defense and stated that Tsingine wielded a pair of scissors at him while attempting to take her into custody. The U.S. Department of Justice ruled in favor of the officer and decided not to prosecute the officer.

The reading has now sparked a state of disbelief and uproar in Navajo Nation.


The Navajo Nation Department of Justice argues that the officer on duty made no attempt to disarm Tsingine with less lethal means and further claims that a police vehicle was present to shield the officer until more help arrived.

The local DOJ moreover objected the conclusion and claims the incident is part of an alarming pattern of systematic violence against Native Americans by police officers.

A number of legal alternatives are being explored by The Nation, where the goal of making headway by 2018 has been set.

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