The #1 Reason Why Navajos Shop in Border Towns


By Alexander Chambers, Business Man. A member of the Navajo Nation.

This is actually very simple. By using logical thinking. We can create an economy.

Border Towns surrounding the Largest Native American Tribe, the Navajo Nation, did something remarkable like every other rural American town.

They built an economy where people can buy products and services. The exchanges of services is rapid.

If you Build it and they will come. Consumers in general like to spend money in familiar places. They seem to be attracted to where the higher population are and you see every demographic spend their money.

The Power of Marketing & Advertising

Like every other American in the U.S., the Navajo people watch TV. Direct TV. Satellite Television is big on the Navajo Nation.

Advertising budgets are big for major retail outlets who advertise consistently non-stop into your homes on a daily basis. Retail giants like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS spend million of dollars on television advertising throughout the country to rural America. They got every American consumer hooked.

Therefore, the Navajo Nation does not have any of these major retail outlets on reservation land, so the Navajo consumer will travel to the closes border town and shop at those who call them, Wal-Mart. Target and spend their mighty dollar on their products and services.

The Navajo Nation needs more Physical Infrastructure.

The Navajo Nation needs to figure out a way to build a retail economy in their towns on reservation land, but it seems our Navajo officials don’t get it. Not only that, you have federal regulation up the wazoo that prevents any true economic growth in Indian Country. Dead old laws.

In order to create jobs, you need free enterprise and an economic engine that allows for businesses to sell products and services. With the recent opening of stores on the Navajo Nation, we need more and they need to hire local.

On Navajo Nation land, right now their isn’t enough infrastructure to sustain a retail economy to create a tax base incentive for the collection of taxes to pour back into those local economies.

That’s why the Navajo dollar is so attracted to Borders towns like Farmington, Gallup, Durango, Cortez, Flagstaff and Page.

Those towns have the infrastructure in place to sustain a retail economy. Where businesses can actually rent commercial space to sell products and services. Therefore the cities collect tax that goes back into their towns.

Current Navajo Nation President wants to create a task force to develop a “Navajo Food Policy” and reduce dependence on border towns.

This will not work. Right now the Navajo people need jobs and revenue not more BIG government control over them. We don’t have time to grow plants.

I don’t even know what that means. a “Navajo Food Policy” Does he want every Navajo to become a gardener?

There’s no Priorities.

How about you just allow and tackle the red tape laws that doesn’t allow businesses on the Navajo Nation to grow and startup – so that we can just create a grocery store to sell organics.



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