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Teaching America to speak Navajo


The NY Post Reported:

Every morning, students in the sprawling San Juan School District in Utah place their right hands over their hearts and recite a pledge.

Despite two centuries of reasons not to honor the American flag, none of the students — nearly all Native American — have ever opted out.

And they all recite the words in Navajo:

“To the Sacredness of Our Flag. From the land of the 50 United States of America. We pledge our allegiance to God and our flag. It stands for hope and compassion. We stand united as People of all cultures on our beloved land. We are preserved by the power of peace and harmony.”

It is a moment of patriotism, aspiration and deep respect for the land — all spoken in a language that existed well before our country did.

“We translated [the Pledge of Allegiance], and now we say it for the United States flag, and also for the Navajo Nation flag,” said Clayton Long, the bilingual education director for this sprawling school district located partially within the Navajo Nation

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