Starbucks Is Coming Soon to Window Rock

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As grocery store chains across the nation continue to roll out new features to elevate customers’ shopping experience, this trend is now catching on in Navajo Nation, too. According to the Navajo Times, long-time coffee chain, Starbucks, is launching a new franchise at the Bashas Diné Market in Window Rock.

The new addition to the market is just one part of a massive renovation plan underway. Bashas Diné Market will reportedly undergo a complete makeover, where the floors, parking lots, and other infrastructures will be modernized. Customers can expect to have a nice place to shop while sipping on their favorite coffee beverage in the soon-to-be upscale design.

The scheduled date of completion is listed around the time of the Navajo Nation Fair, however, a representative said this will more than likely be later on in October. In the interim, a training manager has been hired to assist with the transitioning process.

As consumers’ eating habits continue to evolve for the better and more families demand healthier products, the Bashas Diné Market has acknowledged this changing trend and plans to roll out healthier additions to the shelves.

About Starbucks

Starbucks has been in business for more than 45 years. The popular coffee franchise had humble beginnings in Pike Place Market in Seattle and quickly became a household name. The chain is renowned for customizing its ingredients and names based on location and national trends. Locals have yet to see what will be personalized for the reservation. Perhaps, “cowboy Frappuccino’s”, maybe?

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