Nothing will change, until the voters change

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The Navajo Nation Presidential Election is gearing up next year in 2018, but no one knows exactly who will run against current Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye, who came in third place four years ago.

Many speculate former Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and former Navajo Nation Vice Presidential Candidate Dineh Benally will run, but there isn’t a clear front runner who might possible oust the sitting President.

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What is certain, the Navajo people continue to live in third world conditions with massive amount of unemployment, drug and related crime activities are becoming worst, and a huge housing crisis clouds the Navajo Nation.

Government officials have an open check book to spend the people’s money, with limited oversight corruption lingers on Capital Hill in Window Rock.

The Navajo people don’t realize, in order for change to happen, they will have to completely redo the entire tribal government system. It’s broken.¬†It no longer a works for the people.

The root of the problem is embedded in the Navajo Nation Codes that that were developed in the 60’s and overtime are barely even mentioned.

Nothing will change until the voters change. Change only happens when people vote. Until then, nothing will change.






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