Navajo Sage Hospital Wins Historic Settlement Against IHS

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Navajo Health Foundation – Sage Memorial Hospital, Inc.

(“Navajo Sage”) is pleased to announce that it has concluded

an agreement to settle its multi-year lawsuit against Indian

Health Services (“IHS”) and other federal government

defendants related to a dispute over funding to Navajo Sage for

health care services within the Navajo Nation. Under the terms

of the settlement agreement, Navajo Sage will receive close to

$200,000,000 over three years. The settlement includes a sizeable

up-front cash payment, with additional revenues provided

through a new three year P.L. 93-638 Indian Self-Determination

and Education Assistance Act (“ISDEAA”) contract for the

continued provision of health care services by Navajo Sage to the

Diné, and other considerations.

“This is a significant agreement for Navajo Sage and IHS,” said Stenson D. Wauneka, Chair Navajo Sage. “We are no longer

adversaries and we can move forward and build our relationship to improve healthcare within the Navajo Nation.” Mr.

Wauneka also stated that the settlement will not reduce funding to other Navajo Nation hospitals because the up-front cash

payment does not come out of IHS’ budget.

Navajo Sage will have additional statements in the near future about its health care system master plan and expansion of


The Navajo Sage Board of Directors and Management are grateful for the support and trust of the community as Sage worked

to resolve this dispute and increase the level of health care provided within the Navajo Nation.

For further information, please contact:

o  Razaghi Healthcare, Project Manager

o  Phone: (480) 815-0928

o  email:

About Navajo Sage Hospital

Navajo Sage is an award-winning hospital with a mission to provide quality healthcare services in a fiscally responsible manner

focusing on the patient’s physical, social, and spiritual well-being. Navajo Sage believes that adhering to its Mission and Core

Values is of the utmost importance in maintaining its high standards of quality health care for the Diné.

About Razaghi Healthcare

Razaghi Healthcare is the industry expert in assisting Native Nations to create healthcare systems that result in

the highest quality of health care for their communities. Razaghi’s entrepreneurial team provides unique

knowledge and expertise in P.L. 93-638 Indian Self-Determination contracting, and the development and

operations of hospitals. The Navajo Sage Board hired Razaghi Healthcare as its management. Ahmad R.

Razaghi, CEO was awarded the Managerial Excellence Award by the Department of Health and Human

Services, Indian Health Services.

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