Law and Order Committee advocates for the creation of the 

Navajo Nation Public Safety System Fund to address public safety needs

WINDOW ROCK – The Law and Order Committee supports Legislation No. 0055-17, which seeks to amend Title 12 of the Navajo Nation Code for the purpose of establishing the Navajo Nation Public Safety System Fund Act of 2017. According to the legislation, the Navajo Nation Public Safety Fund will utilize the earnings received by the Nation through the Ramah Navajo Chapter v. Jewell settlement in the amount of $58.4 million.

LOC chair Council Delegate Edmund Yazzie (Churchrock, Iyanbito, Mariano Lake, Pinedale, Smith Lake, Thoreau), legislation sponsor, is advocating for the bill to help the Nation address public safety across the Navajo Nation.

“The fund would allow many opportunities to address public safety concerns, such as police officers, prosecutors, police sub-stations, fire stations, public safety equipment, and telecommunications. Public safety services need to be strongly considered in the Nation,” stated Delegate Yazzie.

Delegate Yazzie added that the funds would be utilized by the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety, the Office of Navajo Public Defender, Navajo Nation Judicial Branch, the Office of the Prosecutor, the Navajo Nation Department of Health, and the Navajo Nation Division of Social Services to improve the Nation’s criminal justice system.

“The committee has been working aggressively with all the Nation’s public safety departments to address the need for increased public safety services. Our families and communities need to feel safe, thus, we request support regarding this initiative,” added LOC vice chair Council Delegate Raymond Smith, Jr. (Houck, Klagetoh, Nahata Dziil, Tsé Si áni, Wide Ruins).

Public comments for Legislation No. 0055-17 can be sent to the following:

  • Digital comments may be e-mailed to
  • Written comments may be mailed to: Executive Director, Office of Legislative Services, P.O. Box 3390, Window Rock, AZ 86515
  • Fax #: (928) 871-7259

The Navajo Nation Council serves as the final authority for Legislation No. 0055-17.