Navajo Nation Council Pushes back in Remington Deal

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Navajo Nation Council members respond to reports of Remington proposal 

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WINDOW ROCK– Speaker LoRenzo Bates (Nenahnezad, Newcomb, San Juan, Tiis Tsoh Sikaad, Tse’Daa’Kaan, Upper Fruitland) and members of the Budget and Finance Committeeon Wednesday, issued the following statements regarding reports over a proposal submitted for the possible acquisition of Remington – a manufacturer of firearms and ammunition.

Statement from Speaker LoRenzo Bates – 23rdNavajo Nation Council:

“This proposal regarding Remington was brought forth by the Office of the Controller – under the Executive Branch – and presented to the Síhasin Fund Subcommittee, the Budget and Finance Committee, and officials within President Russell Begaye’s Administration. The Controller recommended to initiate discussions with Remington and to begin the due diligence on Navajo involvement.

The President is wrong in his accusations against Council members. In fact, President Begaye’s Administration was directly involved in discussions – whether or not his staff communicated with him is not the problem of the Council, but it is a problem within his own office.”

Statement from Council Delegate Seth Damon – Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee:

“To be clear, there was no discussion or consideration of using funds from the Permanent Trust Fund, as reported. The committee discussed this proposal with the Controller as an economic initiative with the potential of bringing potentially thousands of needed jobs to the Navajo Nation. We have so many people who need and want jobs and that’s what this discussion centered on.”

Statement from Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie – Chair of the Síhasin Fund Subcommittee:

“The Russell Begaye Administration has no economic development plan to bring large scale employment to the Navajo Nation, so the Council and Committees are taking the initiative to discuss possible ventures to help our unemployed Navajo people. The Subcommittee has not had any formal investments on a so-called ‘deal.’ Delegates talk about many different subjects, including Remington. When these matters become legislation, the Navajo public will know.”

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