The Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) paid over $1 million dollars to Former Navajo Nation Tribal Chairman Peterson Zah and former Council Delegate Ervin Keeswood in consulting fee’s while NHA faces harsh criticism from community members on failed past housing projects to build modern homes for the Navajo people.

A former Navajo Tribal Chairman and Navajo Nation President, and a former Navajo Nation Council Delegate have made over $1 million combined as consultants with Navajo Housing Authority, reported by the Navajo Times.

NHA issued a statement on their facebook page, “The consultants who have assisted NHA over the years are credible professionals who are at the top of their line of work, and all comply with Navajo preference law. The Navajo people have benefited immensely from their invaluable contributions and knowledge in housing services. For example, Mr. Peterson Zah is a highly respected statesman not only on the Navajo Nation, but at the national level as well. Through that prestige, Mr. Zah and our advisors have unfastened barriers and opportunities where none may have existed before….”

Zah is currently an executive assistant and was an early supporter of current Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye. The Navajo Nation government continues to struggle with high poverty and unemployment rates.