Navajo Committee Throws Outs Grand Canyon Amusement Park Plans

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The Grand Canyon Escalade Bill has been denied by the Naabik’iyati’ Committee in a landslide vote of 14:2.


The bill pushes the development of a gondola recreational ride that would be placed on the east side of the Grand Canyon. If approved, the gondola would drop into the Canyon, where two rivers, the Colorado River and Little Colorado River collide.


Leonard Tsosie and Ben Bennett were the only delegates that ruled in favor of the bill.


Though the Naabik’iyati’ Committee rejected the bill, there is still some wiggle room to get it approved. According to AZ Central, Navajo laws are passed or denied based on the decision of a chain of committees and ultimately, the Navajo Nation Council has the final say.


Supporters of the bill argue the development would fill the gap in unemployment rates – to a great extent.


Challengers contend there is no concrete plan to come up with the startup capital of $65 million. Some residents also articulated their concerns about property rights and the huge probability of shifting the Grand Canyon’s status from a national park to that of a recreational park. The project would basically desecrate the area.


We will continue to look out for key updates regarding this bill and inform our readers right away.

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