More details have come forward as Winslow police and the Department of Public Safety began their investigation into a shooting that led to one woman’s death. This includes information about the weapon the woman allegedly used to threaten police.

Loreal Tsingine, a 27-year-old Navajo woman, died on March 27 from five gunshot wounds following an altercation with police.

In a statement released by the Winslow Police Department, police responded to a call regarding a woman shoplifting from the local Circle K store. The report also stated that after Tsingine was identified as the suspect, police attempted to arrest her but “a struggle ensued…[and Tsingine] reportedly displayed a weapon which presented a substantial threat to police.” This led to the officer shooting Tsingine.

Additional information released also confirmed suspicions that the weapon Tsingine had was a pair of scissors. However, details did not indicate how that weapon was used against the officer.

The incident is still under investigation. The officer, who has not been identified by the police department, has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is finished.