#MeToo Sexual Allegations Crop Up in Arizona, Too

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Amid the growing list of sexual allegations made against high-profile politicians and entertainers, a local candidate has been caught up in the rumor mill, too. Reported by 12 News, Republican Don Shooter of Phoenix, Arizona has been temporarily suspended as the House Appropriations chairman for his party.

The saga surfaced for Shooter when several lobbyists and elected officials accused Shooter of sexual harassment. Harvey Weinstein’s troubles in Hollywood apparently prompted the alleged victims to come forward following a #MeToo hashtag trend on social media.

The latest victim, who also happens to be a publisher of Arizona Republic, wrote a scathing column depicting an unnerving experience with the state senator. Mi-Ai Parrish claims Shooter used language that was racially and sexually charged during a meeting with him. An AR lawyer was also present, who later cut the meeting short after offensive comments were made by Shooter.

In the interim of Shooter’s suspension, the Arizona House is conducting an independent investigation.

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