Making Gloves on the Navajo Nation


CHURCH ROCK, N.M. – President Jonathan Nez, Vice President Myron Lizer, and Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development Economic Director JT Willie met with officials from Rhino Health LLC, an international nitrile glove manufacturing company that is expanding their operations to produce latex gloves at the Church Rock Manufacturing facility in Church Rock, N.M. The initiative has the potential of creating up to 350 new jobs on the Navajo Nation. 

The group visited the facility where workers are currently assembling heavy equipment to produce the latex gloves, which is part of the multi-phase project that includes an investment of more than $49 million from Rhino, LLC. 

“Our Navajo people need jobs and our Nation needs additional revenue and that’s what this project will deliver as long as we continue working together,” said President Nez, who has supported the project since he was Vice President of the Navajo Nation. 

In December, President Nez joined officials from the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development, New Mexico Office of the Governor, and McKinley County as they announced that the project was selected by the New Mexico Economic Development Department to receive $3.5 million through the Local Economic Development Act funds.  

“This is a great initiative and it’s all thanks to the partnership of the private sector and others to bring economic opportunities to the community of Church Rock and surrounding communities. We understand that there is remains a need for additional funding to fulfill the vision of this project and we will continue supporting the Division of Economic Development and other partners as this venture progresses,” stated Vice President Lizer. 

Rhino, LLC officials said the manufacturing facility will become a supplier of nitrile to be sold to government agencies, medical facilities, and food and retail industries once completed. 

“The economic impact will be longer-term. Projects such as this take time to get moving and bringing an impact to the economy. Over time we will see the positive results of the glove manufacturing site. The best thing everyone can do now is support the efforts. Encourage your vendors, suppliers, your communities to buy Navajo” stated DED Executive Director JT Willie.



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