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Local Governments Collect More than 11,000 Pounds of Food


Local Governments Collect More than 11,000 Pounds of Food for ECHO Food Bank

AZTEC, NM—A friendly food drive competition between local governmental organizations has collected 11,951 pounds of food for the ECHO Food Bank, to be distributed to families in need in San Juan County.

The City of Aztec, City of Bloomfield, City of Farmington and San Juan County all competed in the annual ECHO Food Drive Challenge. In order to keep the competition fair, the amount of food collected is converted into a per-employee weight. Collecting 23.45 pound of food per employee, the City of Aztec was presented with the coveted Mr. Potato Head Trophy, for the sixth year in a row.

Judge Carlton Gray accepted the trophy on behalf of the City of Aztec. “The real winner here is ECHO Food Bank and the people of San Juan County,” said Judge Gray. “It’s fun to have a competition, but what we do, we do for someone else.”

Among the items collected were staples like canned corn, rice, and bottled water, as well as more than 600 pounds of frozen turkeys personally delivered by Aztec Police Chief Mike Heal.
“This comes at a great time. It helps to get holiday boxes-for Thanksgiving and Christmas-ready for families,” said Kirk Denetclaw, ECHO Food Program Manager. “With these items, it will replenish us ahead of the holiday season.”

The ECHO Food Drive Challenge is the second largest food drive each year for ECHO. Over the last nine years, there has been 73 tons (146,442 pounds) of food collected by municipalities.
“One can makes a difference in helping others,” said Doreen Thomas, Administrative Assistant to San Juan County’s Juvenile Services and organizer of the ECHO Food Drive Challenge. Thomas was instrumental in establishing the food drive at San Juan County, and her dedication has made the event a huge success.

ECHO Food Bank is always accepting donations, especially peanut butter, jelly, canned fruits, cereal, cereal bars, pudding cups, and in this season, holiday meal items. Donations may be dropped off at 401 S. Commercial in Farmington. More information about needed items is online at EchoInc.org.

City of Aztec – 2,040 pounds collected- 23.45 pounds per employee with 87 employees.

City of Bloomfield-1,147 pounds collected- 16.62 pounds per employee with 69 employees.

City of Farmington-1,115 pounds collected- 1.51 pounds per employee with 739 employees.

San Juan County-7,649 pounds collected- 11.52 pounds per employee with 664 employees.

Overall 2018 total-11,951 pounds collected- 7.67 pounds per employee with 1,559 combined employees.

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