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Navajo vice presidential candidate Dineh Benally, running mate of Navajo presidential candidate Joe Shirley Jr, speaks at a campaign rally in Sanostee, N.M., on Sunday, Oct. 19, 2014. (Times photo – Donovan Quintero)



Lawlessness has crippled our Great Navajo Nation and it has become the Wild West. The media has come forward with news on allegations against one of the presidential candidates who is running for President while he continues to hold his Vice Presidency. Another candidate is running for a third term, while the law is clear in language against it. Navajo Nation Election Office, Ethics and Rules Office, the Speaker, and the Navajo Nation Council are all responsible and accountable for making the right decisions and upholding our laws for the greater good. Our current political situation is disturbing and many of our people question the legitimacy of these elections, the timing of the voter purge, and other concerns that have gone unanswered. Why would a person continue to be eligible for the candidacy when there are serious allegations for illegal use of tribal money and the time to campaign especially when our current Navajo Nation President has emphasized on these allegations and the need for accountability and investigation?

My People, this is not what the Navajo Nation stands for. We cannot stand by and let this happen. What we are facing is another travesty, which is going to give us another 4 years of backwardness and lack of progress. We want a strong and unselfish leader to lead our Nation. Therefore, I ask the Navajo Nation Election Office, Navajo Nation Ethics & Rules Office, Speaker, and the Navajo Nation Council to make sure that our Presidential candidates are clear to run for President of the Navajo Nation. Many of our People are confused, concerned, and troubled with the presidential candidacy circus that has come to our lands again and it is hurting what we stand for, and what I stand for as a former presidential candidate who is still on guard to protect the interests of the silent majority, our voters and everyone who knows better than to stand in silence and allow this circus to continue.

As a Navajo, I have a dream to one day be the President or Chairman of our Great Nation. I worked to prepare myself to become a strong, passionate and caring leader for my people. Today, I cannot accept the candidates that are running for President of our Great Navajo Nation. We must stand together to uphold our laws, the accountability, the transparency, and the legitimacy against what is taking place now. Our People deserve more and what we are facing at the moment is a dire travesty that must not continue…and we are running out of time.

Dineh Benally October 2018

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