“There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press,” said Mark Twain.

Native American tribal governments throughout the United States run their own media outlets like newspapers, radio stations, and some even their own television stations. It’s a propaganda state of affairs. When tribal entities or the governing body itself is being scrutinized, Who tells the truth?

Tribally owned media outlets are pumped with money from the very same governing body they are covering, all favorable coverage. All roads lead to Dixie. Tribally owned outlets should sell off their media outlets, just think if the White House owned the New York Times, CNN it would a scar on the freedom of the press.

A media outlet, entity organization should be totally independent. No government ties to any governing body or political appointee. You can’t have a two way street and let the freedom of the press be free of anything that will silence it’s reporters who are the backbone of every American community. The media keeps balance in a society.

The Navajo Post newspaper is independently owned and operated, we get our advertising dollars solely off locally owned small businesses who pay reasonable affordable advertising rates. We are not tied to any political organization or governing body. America was built on free enterprise and true entrpereneurial spirit. We remain free and continue to grow without any government support.

In the past, the Navajo Post has requested for sponsorships from local tribal organizations. We will always cover news stories to the best of our ability for the communities we live. We want to thank you for your readership and support of the Post. We would have be where we are today without you, as a reader of the Navajo Post. Thank you!