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Editorial: The Navajo people want jobs now

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By Alexander Chambers

The Navajo Nation has a strong work force, the size of West Virginia that has the capacity to build, manufacture, design major sectors in business. But they don’t. That’s a real factoid.

Rather than play the blame game, let’s talk about one solution that is guaranteed to trigger an economic boom within a tribal economy.

The Navajo Nation needs a private sector for small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups to put their ideas to work. Thus, create jobs in their local economies or in this case agency.

The Navajo Nation government cannot create a private sector, a government run private sector is not organic enough to sustain itself long term.

This will require real entrepreneurs to create by tapping into the local economy. They need to conduct free commerce.

Government entities cannot create a successful private sector model. Because, government run entities start them. Therefore, they do not have the framework for a strong private sector. However, there can be tax advantages for them to collect off the private sector.

Only entrepreneurs should be able to do this with limited government involvement.

My point here, if you are Native American and have an idea. Put it to work. We need many entrepreneurs to make this happen. Not more government entities to dictate our economic growth or federal funds to give us false sovereignty.


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