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EDITORIAL: The Cat is out of the bag, Lamar Whitmer is Disgusting

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The Navajo Nation Council recently voted down the controversial Escalade Project, Lamar Whitmer a Scottsdale business man has been behind the whole thing with former Navajo Nation President Albert Hale.

The disgusting Attitude displayed by Lamar Whitmer towards a sitting Navajo Nation Council member is disgusting and is real a display of how he feels about the entire Navajo people.

The cat is out of the bag, Lamar middle finger displays the very same problem we have with outsiders who come in as business men and woman making false promises to help the Navajo people. Your true colors have been reveal Lamar.

The Fact is, the Navajo people no longer need outsiders to create businesses or even investments, we no longer need them, they lack respect for our Navajo people, culture and land.

The Navajo Nation needs to stop bringing in and allowing outsiders create our economy. In order to establish a private economy on the Navajo Nation, we need Navajo entrepreneurs, businesses to invest in this growing nation.

This sick display by Lamar is a man who cannot close. If you’re in business you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. Sir, we kindly send back the kind gesture you displayed to stick your middle finger where the sun don’t shine and keep it there. Thank you.

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