Dineh Benally Announces he’s running for Congress


Dear Voters:


I am announcing today my candidacy for the U.S. Representative for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District. 


Education, Energy, Employment, and Economic Development are few of the critical areas I have chosen to concentrate on, and the position I am striving for will allow me to embed key initiatives and policies for a more sustainable and vibrant future. As a devoted official both in private and public sectors, working with Tribal, Local, State, and Federal governments, I believe the culmination of my experiences has instilled the noble purpose of serving the people through this influential office. 


We are faced with challenges in all industries. From unemployment to healthcare to a stagnant economy. Considering New Mexico’s Third Congressional District being a hub of cultural and natural diversity, inspiring artists and visionaries alike, as well as a district that has harnessed the close relationships between tribal nations and their neighbors, I find it critical to continue upholding this bond and tradition while enhancing the district’s abilities to harness innovation and progress. Immersed in the winds of change in all industries including energy and technology, our district must continue to take part in innovation. The district represents a center that can call itself the Last Frontier, where the past, the present, and the future can be embraced as one. Therefore, it is with this vision and commitment that I begin this campaign.


Vote for Dineh Benally


For The People




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