Digging Up Old Concerns: Uranium Mining Could Be Reignited in the Grand Canyon

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History has told us that uranium mining has negative environmental and health effects. Nevertheless, the Trump Administration could one day overturn a 20-year ban made by former President Obama where mining watershed land near the Grand Canyon is concerned.

Reported by Phoenix New Times, the recent development comes after the U.S. Forest Department appealed to the Trump Administration to adjust the 2012 bill.

Conservation groups are now worried about the potential impacts of this proposal – if it indeed comes to fruition.

Since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, conservationists have been on edge about the future.

Earlier in March 2017, Trump signed an executive order allowing federal agencies the power to evaluate and possibly reduce current barriers to natural resources.

Other initiatives to scale back the size of National Monuments across the country have also started.

The National Parks Conservation Association is now calling on members of the community to get in touch with the Forest Service and voice their opinion regarding uranium mining in hopes of stopping any progression of the plan.

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