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Child Murderers Should be Given the Death Penalty, Says New Mexico GOPs

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Whenever there is a rise in violent crimes in a concentrated area, another longstanding debate resurfaces:


Should lawmakers reestablish the death penalty?


Such is the case in Albuquerque, the biggest city in New Mexico. Per Las Cruces Sun-News, the recent onslaught of child murders and assaults on police officers are prompting GOP officials to revisit the death penalty.


Conservative official, Monica Youngblood, is standing behind a proposed bill to sentence guilty parties to capital punishment – for violent crimes involving children and law enforcement workers.


Supporters of the death penalty believe it’s necessary when high-risk criminals think there’s nothing to lose. The death penalty could change this mentality, according to some, and deter said offenders from carrying out senseless crimes.


Advocates made the case by referring to a couple of prison officers who were wounded by two inmates. If the death penalty were actively enforced, they maintain, the guilty inmates would definitely qualify.


When the death penalty was repealed in 2009 in favor of life sentences, the move basically emboldened convicts – according to GOPs.


The Democratic Party has completely opposite views on the subject.


For the most part, democrats say the death penalty has been outlawed by most states and there is no indication that capital punishment discourages crime. To back up this claim, representatives like Antonia Maestas referred to statistics in states that do enforce capital punishment – where no proof of fewer reports of violent crimes exist.


Both parties are now teaming together to find a common ground with a bipartisan package designed to curb criminal behavior.


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