Carlyle Begay sent this statement to the Navajo Post regarding media reports about him not working with the White House.


I haven’t paid much attention to the report yesterday. I was told by OPM to be patient as they continue to fill out full staff as the transition has been moving slowly. It truly has been chaotic internally but have been busy helping with policy positions, helping with DOI, DOE, HHS and meetings with tribal leaders. In addition with DOI transition with Zinke directly. The response I get from OPM is that hundreds of positions have to be filled, but in the mean time I am happy to be volunteer my time to position the administration to be successful with Indian Country.
Just so you know I am not easily deterred and do not pay too much attention to the criticism. I am here in DC because I believe in what can be accomplished with our communities that have traditionally been ignored and overlooked. For those that may be critical my response is at least I am trying. I have been here the last 6 weeks in DC on my own time and resources because I believe in wanting to make a difference. Not a title or position.

Carlyle W. Begay