A Navajo Business, that’s making your Vehicle cooler one window at a time

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By Alexander Chambers

Ever driving down the road and something catches your eye out of the ordinary? That’s how I found Navajo entrepreneur and business man Llyod Smith, who started Blackout Window Tinting and has been in business for over 25 years.

Llyod offers a unique way to advertise his location, he has one of his employee’s stand by the road with a sign that let’s drivers know, there’s an huge deal on his services.

For $100 bucks, Llyod crew will tent your entire vehicle, Which, I thought was a pretty good deal.

It takes approximately 45 minutes for them to tint your an entire car, there waiting room is air conditioned and comfortable, so you don’t have to wait outside, however you want, you can sit outside and watch them, it’s a pretty cool experience to see them cut the tint and work as a team.

Llyod explaining his process on cutting the window tint. – Navajo Post

His staff are professional, friendly and courteous. They tint with a massive smile and are very service oriented.

Llyod whole family is practically in the window tinting business, one of his family also owns Squeegee Window Tinting on butler ave in Farmington. Which is also another popular place.

According to Grand View Research, The global window films market size was valued at USD 7.93 billion in 2015. The market is expected to witness considerable growth owing to increasing demand from end-use industries including automotive, construction, and marine. Surging use of window films in green buildings and net zero energy buildings is anticipated to drive its consumption in the construction sector.

Llyod hopes to garner some of that growth and expand his window tinting company in Farmington, by offering low affordable prices.

To schedule an appointment, call or text Llyod at 1-505-304-1727.




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