Navajo filmmaker to start shooting WWII code talkers movie

FARMINGTON, N.M. (AP) – Navajo storyteller Kody Dayish says it’s no secret that the Navajo code talkers played a significant role in the Allied powers’ victory in World War II.

The Daily Times reported earlier this month that Navajo servicemen’s complicated native tongue was critical in communicating crucial Allied messages that could not be deciphered by Japanese foes.

Their story has been told before in films, but Dayish says it’s never been told from a Navajo point of view.

Dayish has wanted to tell his own version of the code talkers’ story for some time, but says he wanted to wait until he felt he had the skills and maturity as a filmmaker to tell it properly.

His company, Kody Dayish Production, plans to begin shooting “Unbroken Code” in 2018.

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